Pushing Controversy

Every project I do has some kind of controversy in it. Whether the cast has serious issues or the audience. I have never done anything that caused so many opinions and reviews good, bad and well, totally off the mark like I have with Asylum.

Asylum is a statement about how out of control our "important" ideas have become that more than likely we let go after a few hours, and how flawed our belief system has become. It is a statement of the catty and backstabbing show business scene. It is a statement that we as a society have something important that must be validated and must fit in. My goal is to invite you in and exactly do what we make fun of. It never fails. The numbers are growing, and the expectation grows more and more.

We will continue to deliver and push the Asylum to bigger things. A motto I really have to use while I continue to lure thoughts in what we do is this, "critiques are the marriage you commit to

with and work on, opinions are like dildos, you can really only do one thing with them....."

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